The Occupational Health Wales Team

Occupational Health Nurses and Technicians are at the forefront of workplace health.  To further strengthen their position, they must ensure quality services are delivered that meet the needs of employers and employees.   One of the key aims of the committee is to facilitate an all Wales Occupational Health network, in order to disseminate information, share best practice and raise the profile of occupational health in Wales.

Chair Person

Caroline Whittaker(RRC) is a Specialist Community Public Health Nurse – Occupational Health. With 24 years experience in occupational health she moved into Academia full time 3 years ago.

Vice Chair Person

Andy Phillips has worked in Occupational Health since 2003 and is a Specialist Community Public Health Nurse (Occupational Health). Andy has lectured in Occupational Health Nursing since 2006 and continues to work to various clients.


Lorraine has worked within Occupational Health immediately after qualifying. She initially worked within a heavy engineering company for three years.


Amanda Cairns has worked in Occupational Health since 1999. She currently works for AXA ICAS OH Service undertaking the full Occupational Health remit for various clients.

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